Functional Ceramics

      Starfire Studios is owned and operated exclusively by Scott Johnson and Kristin Busch. Our current business location was constructed in 1998 on 17 acres adjoining the Hoosier National Forest. Our new site provides relatively dark skies for Scott's observatory as well as easy access to Indiana University, where we have both been employed.

      Starfire was born out of a desire to produce quality art products for art conscience consumers. We have been involved in art production for over a decade and take pride in the ability to bring fine art to an appreciative audience. Our clients range from the general public to gallery, retail, museum, winery, and planetarium purchasers.

      On any given day, we may be found promoting our business at art shows throughout the United States.

      While we stay quite busy with day to day operations, custom work is available. Let us know what product or service you may require, from custom photography to specialty hand thrown pots.

      We hope you enjoy our website...please check back from time to time as our work is constantly evolving and limited edition work is occasionally retired.

Artist Statement

      "My goal is to enhance the celebration of daily life and enrich its simple joys. I think a well made pot should be able to function well and elevate the daily routine of eating and drinking to an artful and enjoyable experience."

      -- Kristin Busch

      Each piece of pottery is hand crafted by me. First its thrown on the wheel then it may be altered or added to in order to change it's form. It's high fired in a reduction kiln to around 2300 degrees. Each firing takes around 12 hours to complete then another 24 hours to cool. All dinnerware and serving ware is lightweight, food, dishwasher and microwave safe.
Phone : 812-837-9303

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